Aluminum 3 Door Bi-fold

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A step up from French Doors, our 3-door bi-folds work magic to increase the amount of light, air and space in your home - not to mention, possibly even increase the value of your property.

With a polyamide thermal break designed into the slim aluminum profile, our bifolds offer uninterrupted views without compromising on thermal efficiency.

And, made from the highest grade aluminum, our bifolds are strong yet lightweight; secure yet flexible; custom-made yet shipped in just 3 weeks.

Minimum size: 72" x 80"
Maximum size: 108" x 96"

Key features of Origin Bi-fold Doors

  • Made in the US
  • Premium-grade aluminum
  • 8-point locking system
  • 3 week shipping time
  • 1 year warranty
  • Flawless finish

Not sure on color? Order a free sample.

Terms & Conditions.

Each order comes complete with equipment you need to install your Origin Bi-fold Doors. The following will be included with your order:

  • Door panels x 3
  • Top and bottom track
  • Side jambs
  • Component box including spacing shims and fasteners and rubber seal
  • Glass for door panels x 3

* When viewed from the outside.