** I just finished installing my Origin Bi-Fold door at my new house. From the moment I stepped on this property, I envisioned a bifold door opening onto the pool deck where the (2) old french doors were. I didn't know how I was going to do it or where I would get it but I knew it was a must-have. I did some research and quickly came upon Origin Doors online store. I couldn’t believe I could buy a door like this online. I have to admit initially I was skeptical. But I did my research and found out that this company had a history of innovation and quality and that they were located in Florida, Made in the USA. There was a plethora of information on their website and when I left my name on the contact form, Crystal got back to me the next day with a phone call and an email. She was instrumental in guiding me through the purchase, delivery and installation of the product. The doors are beautiful and work flawlessly and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, the process, or the finished product. Thank you Crystal and Origin Doors! ** - Jeremy Scarlett


Claire and Charles chose two sets of white Origin Bi-fold Doors to open up their kitchen dining area. A 3+0 outward-opening configuration with standard threshold fully protects their home from the elements. “Origin was a good fit from the start. What we loved was the flexibility and choice we had in picking the right doors for our room. We were able to select a specific configuration that perfectly complemented our measurements and space, and a white colour that blends perfectly with our existing windows and doors. Everything was easy” Charles explains.
Jim created a truly wide, open space in his orangery with an Origin Corner Bi-fold set with fixed post. He chose a 5+4 configuration with face drainage in a slate grey. "There are doors that are cheaper on the market but when you start looking deeper into the guarantee for the parts, it sets Origin apart." Origin came highly recommended from Jim’s brother-in-law.
What we call an Origin House, Neil chose a variety of Origin products for his home. This included our largest corner bi-fold door configuration with fixed post in grey. The Bi-folds stretch the whole length of the kitchen, completely opening up the area for a large entertaining space. Neil states, “It’s minimalist but also stylish - and it always will be."
In order to achieve a large open-plan kitchen area, the Guildfords chose an Origin 4+3 door configuration in white to offer a timeless look that complemented their interior design. "They're also really easy to open, it's no effort at all. You just slide them to the side" Debbie explains. Particularly happy with Origin’s industry-leading guarantee, the Guildfords explain this was one of the top reasons they chose Origin over other manufacturers.
In order to achieve a cosy feel to their barn conversation, Sam and Annuszka chose two sets of Origin Bi-fold Doors that maximize the amount of natural light in their home. As a Grade 2 list property, Sam and Annuszka chose black Origin bi-folding doors in order to complement the tone and style of their barn conversion. “We love the bi-folds. We always have the doors open in the summer, and the kids run in through the kitchen and out through the lounge”, Annuszka explains.