Upgrade your home with aluminum doors and windows

Create a truly unique and flexible space that invites the outside in, with Origin Bi-fold Doors and Windows.

Whether you're constructing a new home or simply remodeling, folding glass doors and aluminum windows can completely change the way you interact with your home, making outdoor dining easier and more practical.


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Free Samples

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Single Door

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French Doors

French Doors

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Aluminum 3 Door Bi-fold

Aluminum 3 Door Bi-fold

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Aluminum 5 Door Bi-fold

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Origin Bi-fold Doors

Origin are a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom aluminum bi-fold doors and windows.

As a family-run company, Origin understand the importance of combining aesthetics with safety and security - for doors that are not only stunning, but practical, too. 

Manufactured in Florida, every door is completely custom-made to your specification. From size, configuration, color and handles, you can create the doors of your dreams.

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Origin Windows

Enjoy a contemporary stylish flush casement design with Origin's aluminum windows, offering additional high levels of security - including HVHZ rating - for ultimate peace of mind.

Available in a range of sizes, configurations and colors, Origin Windows can be entirely custom-made for your home.

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Key Features

  • Made in the USA

    Origin Doors and Windows are expertly designed and manufactured in the USA. Every one of our products is made using premium grade aluminum for superior strength, security and finish.

  • Thermally efficient

    By replacing old doors with Origin's Energy Star Rated Bi-fold Doors, you could lower your energy bills by up to 12%. Our products help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Shipped in just 3 Weeks

    Offering some of the fastest shipping times in the industry, Origin Doors and Windows don't sacrifice quality for speed - and can be shipped in just two weeks.

Bi-fold Door Installation Guide

Think you have what it takes to install our doors?

Find out how to install Origin Doors with our helpful Installation Guide. Whether it's for you or your builder, this guide tells you everything you need to get started.

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Origin Windows Installation Guide

Thinking about installing our windows yourself?

Download our free windows installation guide to see if have the tools and equipment needed to install Origin Windows.

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What do I need to know before I buy?

We offer three buying options:
1. You install
2. A builder installs, or;
3. An Origin Dealer installs.

We’ve designed our Bi-fold Doors and Windows to be easy to install and we have a library of information to help you along the way, should you wish to install yourself. However, we only recommend DIY installation for those who are confident, have completed multiple homebuilding and DIY projects and have a good understanding of the tools needed to install our doors and windows. If you have any doubts about installing yourself then you could hire a builder to do the work for you and benefit from our 10% builder discount. Alternatively, you can use a local Origin Dealer to take care of the entire installation, offering you peace of mind that your install has been done correctly by trained professionals.

It's important that you choose the type of glass required to meet your local building regulations, as we cannot take responsibility for this. You will need to find out what glass you require from your local council.

We strongly recommend that you read the information on our ‘Before you buy’ section before purchasing your Origin Bi-fold Doors and Windows.

What are bi-fold doors made of?

Bi-fold doors can be made using different materials, including uPVC, timber or composite. However, the most popular material is aluminum because it’s innately strong, low maintenance and thermally efficient when featuring a thermal break. Aluminum also allows for a really nice sleek finish with powder-coating, which lasts a very long time.

Origin use only premium-grade aluminum for its bi-fold doors and windows, so it’s more flexible and provides a higher quality finish than any scrap aluminum. 

How secure are Origin Bi-fold Doors and Windows?

A home isn't a home if it doesn't feel safe, which is why we prioritize safety when designing our doors and windows.

Our doors and windows are incredibly secure and feature multi points of locking, which surpass current security standards. Our Bi-fold Doors are manufactured to offer outstanding security features including an 8-point multi-point locking system, high security hinges and exceptionally strong frames. Similarly, our windows feature a Yale Encloser Lock, one of the best on the market today, as well as locking hinges, stainless steel hinges, crimped frames and hinge guards for total peace of mind that when your window is locked, it stays locked.

Where are Origin Doors and Windows manufactured?

Our Bi-fold Doors and Windows are manufactured here in the US, in our Florida-based facility. This means we can offer super fast delivery and low delivery costs.

Will I receive a warranty with my bi-fold doors?

Our doors and windows come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty, which covers everything - from hardware to powder coating to components. Some other manufacturers only offer a guarantee on the powder-coating, which can be misleading, so we always recommend looking deeper into what's included in every guarantee. We're confident in our design and want you to be, too, which is why we offer such a comprehensive warranty.

What’s the average shipping time for bi-fold doors and windows?

We can ship your doors or windows to you in just 4 weeks.

Many other US bi-fold door manufacturers can take anywhere between 6-12 weeks to ship bi-fold doors. Because Origin products are all designed, developed and manufactured in-house, we have greater control over the supply chain. This means we can get your doors and windows to you quicker than most other companies.

Can I install Origin Doors/Windows myself?

Yes, you can.

However, we recommend that only experienced DIY'ers attempt to install our doors. As an alternative, a builder or window and door company will be able to install them for you. We provide all the information you need in our installation guide so that you can safely install the bi-fold doors. We recommend reviewing the installation guide first, if you are planning on installing the doors yourself.  If you have any specific questions about installing our doors then please get in touch with our team, who will be happy to help.

What are the terms and conditions?

To view our full terms and condition, please click here. We recommend that every customer read through these terms and conditions before purchasing our doors and windows.

Is aluminum thermally efficient?

Origin Bi-fold Doors and Windows are manufactured with a highly effective polyamide (plastic) thermal break within the aluminum door profile. This thermal break makes our aluminum doors and windows extremely thermally efficient.

Our bi-folds and windows not only help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, they have the potential to lower your energy bills by up to 12%.  

Are the doors and windows hurricane resistant?

Yes, Origin Bi-fold Doors and Windows have passed Florida’s rigorous High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing standards without sacrificing thermal performance.

Our products help protect your home from extreme pressure, wind and water conditions as well as propelled debris, giving you peace of mind that should the worst happen, you're in good hands.

Is there a discount for trade?

Simply contact us with your GC license number and company credentials and we will give you a 10% discount code.


How is my order shipped?

Our shipping is a standard truck delivery which will require you to have a forklift onsite to take the pallets off. Standard delivery service provides delivery of your order to the location assigned at checkout. This service does not include set up or assembly of items or removal of packaging materials.

We will provide you with all necessary delivery information to prepare you for delivery, including: full carrier information, contact numbers, a link to the freight carrier's website and tracking numbers. You will be able to track your shipment online from departure to arrival. The delivery terminal will call you when your item arrives to schedule a delivery window.

Orders are shipped on a solid and secure crate for the door frames and glass. The crate is designed to protect your door/glass and ensure that it will arrive in perfect condition. We only ship with freight companies who provide our customers with an online tracking system and superior service.